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Getting Engaged! Facilitation Tips for Trainers (and Meeting Coordinators)
Featuring Karen Main 
Innovations in Training
When:     Friday, March 24, 2017
Time:      8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Where:    Adams County Conference Center

What works and what doesn’t when facilitating learning with adults? If you are interested in improving the experience of your participants, this learning laboratory is just for you!

What is a learning laboratory? It is an environment where everything you encounter is part of the learning process! From the moment you walk into the workshop, you’ll have a chance to experience the good – and the not so good – about adult education. As a participant, you will evaluate – firsthand – the workshop materials, the delivery methods of the trainer, the physical environment and the composition of the group.
Part 1 of this program introduces you, through a variety of facilitation techniques, to adult learning principles. You’ll be introduced to theory and method about how adults learn, participate in ice-breakers, facilitated dialogues and various activities which are all meant to illustrate best practices. Throughout the morning, you’ll also experience poor facilitation techniques! In Part 2, we debrief it all, paying special attention to what strategies, techniques and tips you can implement into your practice.

By participating in this interactive session, participants will:
  1. Understand adult learning principles
  2. Identify simple techniques to increase engagement in your workshops
  3. Recognize things NOT effective when facilitating learning
  4. Increase your comfort and skill as a facilitator

Major Topics Covered:

Adult learning principles, public speaking, awareness of others, interpersonal communication, respectful workplace.

Speaker Info:

Karen Main has been delivering training and consultation to the public sector for the past twenty years. She conducts interactive training workshops across the country on supervisory skills, leadership principles, Adaptive Leadership, generational differences and customer service. Her workshops get people (appropriately) out of their comfort zones so they can think a little differently. Karen is a graduate of DU and certified by Harvard in “The Art & Practice of Leadership Development.” She has received awards for her programs by Mountain States Employer's Council, Rocky Mountain Assoc. for Talent Development, The International Public Mgmt. Assoc., and the Asch Center @ The Harvard Kennedy School. Her company, Innovations In Training, is based out of Denver, CO.

Registration for this class is a little higher than normal CAMCA classes and is priced at $50.00. Please feel free to apply for a scholarship !

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