CAMCA Listserv

For several years CAMCA has enjoyed the use of a "listserv" to communicate quickly and efficiently.  This technological tool serves the membership by allowing information to be obtained expediently via an email group without having to send individual emails to separate municipalities.  CAMCA members who belong to the email group receive correspondence and are able to reply to the group as a whole.   To sign up for the CAMCA Listserv, please submit the following information.   
Note:  You must be a member of CAMCA before being added to the Listserv.
When phrasing a listserv question, try to be as specific as possible.  This will increase the likelihood of a meaningful response.  For example, "What do other courts charge parties for transcripts?"
If the actual subject matter is broad and cannot be narrowed down, using certain phrasing can help to target those who may have the ability to respond.  For example, "Would anyone be willing to share information about transcripts?"
Remember that dozens of people are on the listserv and each one receives every request and response.  Clicking "Reply" will send the response to everyone in the email group.  Sometimes this is what is intended, so that the group can receive the information.
Other times, the sender or recipient may wish to forward a specific question or comment, such as a thank-you or a clarifying follow-up.  In those instances, clicking on "Forward" and then entering the individual's email address is preferred.
If the item is time sensitive, placing a deadline or "Please respond by" date is helpful.
When a listserv email is sent, dozens of public records are being created.  Just as with other emails sent from work, do not pull anything in the email that may be taken out of context.  Keep it factual, opinions should be left out.  Remember that public documents, including emails, may be released as part of a open records request or may be subpoenaed.
Process and procedure questions as well as informational questions are appropriate.  Asking for legal advice is not appropriate, as the group is comprised of court professionals, not attorneys.  City or Town Attorneys and Judges should be consulted for any legal matters.
Likewise, questions should be court related.  Legal, police, or judicial questions can be addressed through those respective listservs. 

​If you have questions, please contact Jeanelle Andersen of the Fort Lupton Municipal Court by email at [email protected]